7 Chakra Series PLUS Crystals (International shipping is extra) by Susan Chu

7 Chakra Series PLUS Crystals (International shipping is extra)

You will learn:
~ What are the 7 main chakras in your body and what do they represent?
~ What are the best ways to use your crystals?
~ How do you select the right stone for you?
~ How to tell if a stone is fake?
~ How do you differentiate one pink stone from another?
You will receive:
~ Root chakra crystal kit
~ Sacral chakra crystal kit
~ Solar Plexus chakra crystal kit
~ Heart chakra crystal kit
~ Throat chakra crystal kit
~ Third Eye chakra crystal kit
~ Crown chakra crystal kit
~ 7 PDF Workbooks 
~ Meditations
~ Exercises
~ Free shipping (continental U.S. only)
Please note the size of the crystals will vary. You might receive loose tumbled or rough stones, bracelets, pendants, or larger palm size stones. 
This program is for individuals who are new to crystals or who want to expand their crystal collection with information on how best to use them.

All crystals are hand selected as much as possible to ensure highest quality and vibration. You can trust that you are receiving quality and real crystals. 

If you have any questions about this program, you can send me an email at info@susanmchu.com. 

Disclaimer: Please note, per NY State Law, the information provided here is for fun and entertainment purposes. Crystals work on an energetic level. Do not replace traditional medicine or prescription given by your doctor(s). Crystals are supplements to better health and wellness.