How to Create One POWERFUL Multi-Layered Crystal Grid Course PLUS Consultation by Susan Chu

How to Create One POWERFUL Multi-Layered Crystal Grid Course PLUS Consultation

Take your crystal or crystal grid work to a whole new level. Learn how to layer several crystal grids, one in another in another in etc. 

If you think one crystal grid is powerful, wait until you work with several in conjunction. Super accelerated and powerful manifestation, bridging Heaven and Earth’s energy. 

Of course, this is  more than just about manifestation. Yes, I know manifestation is on everyone’s mind, but this can also impact and transform the energy of your entire home (or space). The energy of your home can actually make or break the manifestation process. 
If the energy of your home is excellent or pretty good, terrific. You already halfway there. If the energy is kind of yucky or not so great, using this system can really dramatically change the energy of your home and thus your life. 

Now, let's use a couple of  examples.

  • If you walk into a space that feels like a war zone, you are more likely to be in a fighting mood. Your dukes are going to be up, your fists right in front of your face, and you are ready for whatever comes next. You are not going to be pushover. You are going to stand your ground. 

  • Versus if you walk into a space that feels like, OMG, I just want to melt here and spend the next few hours sitting on this sofa. You are more likely to be in a good spirit, relax, and compromising.  
Which of these two spaces would you like to have a heart to heart talk with your significant other in?

The energy of your home and space is very important, not only for relationships, but every aspects of your life - career, money, health, family, children, fame, etc...which bring us to...feng shui. 

There are a couple extras in this program

  • This program includes feng shui tips that bring in an additional layer to help transform some yucky energy or actually block them completely. 

  • You will also get a private one-to-one Zoom call with me to talk about you and your property/home and how this whole system can benefit and be personalized for your specific needs. 

Now, there are always caveats (what you should not do) to any process and they are discussed throughout this program. But what have a one-off or unique situation? Well, that is why the private one-to-one call becomes so valuable. You can process the information, plan how to multi-layered the grid in your home and then ask, "Wait a second, what if..."

Creating cosmic flow, connecting Heaven and Earth's energy, propelling your life forward, moving faster than...the Universe is your limit. 
Don’t wait, this is an amazing program plus a personalized consultation. 

This Program Includes:

  • 4 Modules + Bonus Module
  • 6 Videos
  • Handout
  • One private (one-to-one) Zoom call (60 minutes) / consultation

What to Expect:

Learn how to crystal grid: 
  • YOUR entire property
  • The OUTSIDE parameter of your house or building 
  • The INSIDE parameter of your house or building 
  • Crystals in each room
  • Your DESK
  • Your Bedroom
  • Your Bed

Learn what each layer of the crystal grid means or does.
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of a portable and a non-portable crystal grid.
Learn what stones to use.
And just as important,, learn what not to do.